Every Second Is Crucial in Your Race


Product Description

Perfect for Triathlons, Competitions, Training & More! 

The Time Band-it is the only engineered and patented watch band accessory that allows you to put time on your side. You wear your watch for information, make sure you can see it quickly and easily.

Increase efficiency, performance and safety.

Timeband-it intuitively repositions your watch to the side of your wrist allowing you to easily view your activity stats without unnecessary extra movements.

The engineered watch band accessory 

Soft, flexible, anti-microbial, hydroponic, UV resistant 

Time Band-it positions your watch for quick view & keeps it there

Keep your pace in sight with one quick glance

Fits Garmin, Apple, TomTom, FitBits, and All Watches with Two Straps on Either Side of Watch Face!