About Us

I started participating in triathlons about 9 years ago. As I tried to become more efficient, as we all do, I ended up using a quick release with my Garmin to be able to move it from my wrist after the swim to my bike then back to my wrist for the run. That works, unless you forget to move it from the bike back to your wrist for the run, which I may have done a time or two! Also, I had noticed a few times I had bumped my wrist and my watch had spun and almost fell out of the quick release bracket. Luckily I saw it before it fell off and was gone. There had to be a better way.

Just wearing my watch normally, with the watch face on top of my wrist, I have to twist my wrist in and lift my elbow to see it. Not efficient on the run & not terribly safe on the bike.
I moved the face to the inside of my wrist, but it would just slide back to the top or bottom of my wrist. I started looking for a something to hold my watch face on the inside of my wrist and keep it there. Nothing existed. So I made it exist!

The Time Band-it is an engineered watch band accessory that allows your watch face to be relocated from the top of your wrist to an angle which is safer and easier to see and stay there. It is soft, flexible, anti-microbial, Hydroponic and UV resistant. It has a molded opening in the center which allows wrist-based heart rate monitoring to still function in this position. It works with any two strapped watch bands.

"You wear a watch for information, make sure you can see it”

Keep your pace in sight with one quick glance. Time Band-it positions your watch for quick view -and keeps it there. No searching for the display. Swim, Bike, Run and stay in your zone. Time is on your side with Time Band-it. "